Your VIP Gateway to Norway’s Majesty

Imagine soaring above breathtaking fjords, glaciers, and cascading waterfalls. Picture yourself whisked away to hidden gems inaccessible by car, where pristine beauty awaits.

Cannonball® Private Charter unlocks the magic of Norway for discerning travelers like you. Forget crowded tours and public transportation. We elevate your travel experience with personalized luxury, starting with your arrival or departure.

Here’s what sets Cannonball® apart:

  • Exclusive Helicopter Tours: Explore Norway’s dramatic landscapes from a thrilling perspective. Our helicopters take you to secluded fjords, glacier landings, and breathtaking viewpoints inaccessible by land.
  • Hidden Gems Unveiled: Go beyond the usual tourist spots. We curate unique experiences tailored to your interests, from private fjord picnics to encounters with local artisans.
  • Seamless Private Flights: Arrive in Norway in style and comfort aboard our private planes. Whether you’re starting your adventure or departing for home, we ensure a stress-free experience.
  • Unparalleled Service: Our dedicated team caters to your every whim. From pre-travel planning to concierge services on the ground, we handle everything so you can focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Crafted for the Discerning Traveler

At Cannonball®, we understand that luxury is about more than just comfort. It’s about exceeding expectations and creating a journey as unique as you are.

Contact Cannonball® Private Charter today and let us craft your personalized Norwegian adventure. Explore the fjords, discover hidden gems, and experience Norway like never before.


We want to make it super easy-peasy for you to come visit our amazing homeland. Seriously, it’s gorgeous here!

Let us know how we can help you plan your trip and make the most of your time here.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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